This High-Tech Baby Swing Puts a Little 'Robocop' Into the Nursery

As if infants weren't spoiled enough - they get the diaper changes, the feedings, and they even get to stay up late - now they have robotic bouncy swings. We recently tested the MamaRoo baby swing from 4moms, the makers of the crazy Origami auto-folding stroller. This baby swing is completely robotic and allows you to simulate various "swinging styles," including a long car ride, a bumpy ocean, and a leisurely hour in a hammock. 

In short, it's probably the most high-tech bouncy seat the world has ever known.


Set-up is fairly simple and the kit includes a reclining baby seat, heavy base, and a little reversible mobile on top. Baby fits right into the big, broad seat and then you buckle her up for safety. 

A screen and buttons on the base allow you to set the intensity and mode, and then you press start. The seat does the rest, lulling the wee one into dreamland.

The MamaRoo also has a built-in noise generator so baby can hear crickets or the susurration of the ocean - and (this is great) you can connect your iPod directly to the seat so she can rock out to Black Sabbath as she drifts off to sleep.

You can pick up this piece of baby technology at 4Moms but you should probably have it on your registry and get the in-laws to spring for it because this thing costs $200 in silver or black and $240 in brighter materials. However, if your little one will only fall asleep in the car, this may be a godsend.

Our own baby, Guthrie, was kind of scared of the seat at first but soon grew to love it. It truly envelops the infant completely in a soft cushion and they're quite secure even if they look like they're about to flop out of it.

Best of all, you can pretend your kid is a tiny Darth Vader in his mediation chamber as he or she rolls around on the bounding electronic waves. In short, it's great fun.

What other high-tech equipment have you bought for babies?


Image via 4Moms

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