Thousands of Leaked Twitter Passwords Mean No One's Safe

social media keys on keyboardWhen experts can't figure out how passwords to one of the most popular social media sites are getting leaked, you know online privacy is hopeless. Last week, the usernames and passwords of more than 55,000 Twitter users were leaked in a "data dump," which has even the most web-savvy befuddled.

Twitter claims that as many as 20K of the leaked accounts were just duplicates, and lots more were spam accounts that had already been suspended. So that's reassuring, right? And the site also sent out password resets to accounts that were affected, while, in the meantime, they're looking into what happened. Still ... there's speculation that the accounts' info was obtained via phishing attacks that fooled users into providing details. Drrr.


Whether or not it had to do with people being gullible and falling for phishing attacks, maybe we just have to resign ourselves to a simple fact that our online identities could be compromised at any time.

After all, if it constantly happens to celebs, why shouldn't it happen to regular people like you and me? It's bound to. By using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest -- any extremely social, super high-profile site -- you're taking the risk that your password could be nabbed and/or leaked. Hey, and while we're at it, it's the same with email, too, right? 

But the solution isn't to throw in the towel in defeat. Of course not! I guess we just need these incidents like the recent leak to remind us to do whatever we can to protect our security. Like frequently changing our passwords. (That's precisely what Twitter has suggested to concerned users.) And being smarter about who we give info to. After all, Twitter may be all about oversharing -- but not when it comes to our most sensitive personal details.

Does this freak you out?


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