Facebook Snooping by Nosy Bosses Could Soon Be Illegal

So imagine your supervisor calls you in for a job review and you're all excited because you know you've done a kick-butt job this year, and you're expecting a nice raise, and maybe even a promotion, and then all of a sudden, she's like, "And, by the way, can you give me your Facebook password?" Gulp! Amiright?

Well, two new bills introduced in Congress would make this kind of request illegal. Which it should be. I mean, seriously, what kind of Nosy Barker wants to get into your Facebook account? But, I have to be honest. If my boss asked for my Facebook password, I'd think it was out of line. I'd be all like, "This person has issues." But I'd hand it over. I'd do it with a laugh. Because she would be soooo bored.


Yeah, sorry, boss. I do spend some time on Facebook (mostly promoting my writing), but I hardly get on there and have, like, major life discussions. Maybe I've worked in the media for too long, but I feel like Facebook isn't that secure, and if I'm going to say anything on my wall, I might as well be shouting it in a crowded press conference. As for Facebook emailing, I'm pretty much the same way. Honestly, anyone who gets into my Facebook email would be like, "Yeah, I knew that."

One of the bills, The Password Protection Act, would also extend to private email, photo sharing sites, and any other information that resides on someone's privately-owned computer.

Can you believe there needs to be a law to keep employers from getting all up in your business? But this kind of Nosy Barker activity is becoming more common. I mean, first employers want you to work weekends, now they want to read your email? C'mon now.

That said, I don't think there's anything an employer would care about in my email. But ... you never know with people. Plus, that's kind of creepy. What if your male boss just wants to know who you're dating? And then he starts to stalk them or something? I don't know. Have you read the news lately? People do off-the-wall things.

But any boss who got into my Facebook? I don't think it would be worth their time.

Would you give your boss your Facebook password?


Image via MissusL/Flickr

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