4 Ways Your iPhone Can Save You Money at the Store

Clipping coupons is, arguably, quite boring. So why not spice it up with a few cool iPhone apps that help you save money in stores as you jet around town? 

Coupon apps come in two varieties -- location-based, which pick up deals depending on where you are, and deal-based, which appear daily and include well-known chains and stores in your area. All of them can save you a few bucks, and most are free.


Yowza - Founded by the the guy who played Matthew Parkman on HeroesGreg Grunberg, Yowza will send you coupons for places you frequent. Greg, who has a big and growing family, created the idea after realizing he often left coupons at home and found handling paper discounts pretty annoying. 

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Yowza offers a number of local deals, and all you have to do is pop into participating retailers to pick up discounts. The app is free.

SnipSnap - Still dedicated to paper coupons? Why not shoot a photo of them and just throw away the paper? SnipSnap, created by a New Jersey dad, does just that. It allows you to pick and choose your coupons, take a quick pic of the front and back, and then use them right at the register.

You can also share coupons with friends and family online. The service is still in beta, but it will be launching nationwide in the next few weeks. It's a great way to bridge the high-tech and good old coupon snipping.

LocalBonus - LocalBonus uses an interesting method to tell where you shop: by looking at your credit card interactions. Don't worry -- these guys don't know how much you spend. Instead, they tell merchants when you've visited them multiple times, allowing them to offer discounts, deals, and special club privileges.

Do you frequent the same hardware store or meat shop? They'll know who you are and can then place you into a group of similar customers. Imagine a buying group that is completely self-organizing and you get the idea.

Coupon Sherpa - If you're looking for just good, old-fashioned coupons, this sherpa has you covered. The app includes deals from multiple stores and works right at the point of sale so you can just wave your phone at the scanner. This is one of the oldest and most popular coupon sources on the web and can be used at a number of stores.

Do you use your iPhone to find coupons and save a few bucks?

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