Mom Who Has Not Walked in 5 Years Crosses Finish Line of the London Marathon (VIDEO)

Claire Lomas
Claire Lomas
Now here's a story that'll make you feel supremely guilty about how lazy you are when it comes to any form of long-distance running (or maybe that's just me?). Claire Lomas, 32, finished the London Marathon in a bionic suit, 16 days after she first started. Oh, and she is paralyzed from the chest down.

She walked in the suit two miles a day to complete the 26.2-mile race. Her husband, Dan, walked behind her during the whole thing, and her parents and 1-year-old daughter also joined her through most of her journey. Watching Claire cross the finish line has seriously inspired me to dust off my running shoes. I act like I'm having a wheezing heart attack after going two miles on two good legs.

She has made history too -- she became the first person to complete a marathon using a bionic ReWalk suit. Wow, what an inspiring woman! Talk about someone who defied all the odds and made her dream a reality.


Check out the footage of Claire crossing the finish line and all of her supporters cheering her on:


She seems to be so adorable, like someone you'd want to become best friends with or at least have a heart-to-heart over a cup of coffee. Her overwhelming emotion after crossing the finish line goes to show that she realizes how amazing this accomplishment really was.

Claire became paralyzed from the chest down back in May 2007 when she was thrown off of her horse. She broke her back, neck, and ribs in the terrible accident. The ReWalk suit she wore, which retails for around $80,000, gave her upright mobility, letting her actually become a bionic woman!

On top of all of this, she's raised more than $129,000 for Spinal Research, which is a charity that funds research to develop treatments for paralysis.

Whew. So, the next time you feel like all is lost and there's no way you can do this or that, just think of Claire Lomas, the paralyzed woman who finished a marathon! And kudos to the technology and love and support of a family who let her do it all. I'm sure Claire has inspired countless others to do what they've been told is impossible.

Has Claire Lomas' story inspired you too? Can you believe a paralyzed woman finished a 26.2-mile marathon?

Image via The Telegraph

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