Cher Has Every Right to Trash Mitt Romney on Twitter

cherEver since she first started tweeting and updating her Facebook page, pop icon Cher has been an oversharer. Last year, she tweeted her way through Chaz's run on Dancing with the Stars, always coming to her son's defense when the haters would come out in droves. Now, however, it seems she's acquired some haters of her own -- by tweeting about the presidential election.

Yesterday, Cher went on a politically-charged tirade about presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, writing on Twitter, "If ROMNEY gets elected I don't know if I can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters." She continued: "TOO HARSH? That's me Holding BACK! They care nothing about the POOR The OLD The SICK The HUNGRY CHILDREN & People striving 4 a Better LIFE ! –"

Although these tweet have since been deleted, they were up long enough to make serious waves.


Unsurprisingly (as we're talking about social media here ... ), Cher's declarations spawned a variety of equally revved-up replies, including some seriously vile ones. She shot back at one hater, "Nice Mouth ! U learn that at Church, Gun Show,or how to press your Klan costume Klass?"

Whoa. Twitter feud ON!

The part that made me really laugh, though, was when one Twitter user told the famous diva that her rant likely cost her half of her followers. (Uh. Suuure.) Her response: "Thank God I Got the half that thinks!" Love it.

By now, anyone following Cher shouldn't be surprised if she comes out with passionately liberal tirades like this. It's who she is, and if you're not on the same page and you can't deal, don't follow her. It's as simple as that. You'll never catch me following Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, or Michelle Malkin. Why not? Because I have zero interest in getting stressed out by their conservative drivel. Sure, it's only fair to attempt to get a balanced digest of news from both sides of the aisle, but sorry, Twitter -- or at least the Twitter accounts of talking heads and celebrities -- isn't the place to do that. 

If those who disagree with Cher have no interest in reading her honest opinions on the election, they can click unfollow. After all, she has every right to only tweet to the "half that thinks" ... like her.

Do you follow people on Twitter or Facebook who you vehemently disagree with? Why?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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