Tom Brady's Faux Hawk Hair Has to Go & Here's Why

tom bradyCan someone please tell me what is up with Tom Brady's new faux hawk hairdo? Because he looks absolutely ridiculous. Trying to pull off a mohawk is hard enough, and super cool rock star types are usually the only ones who can do it. But getting away with a faux hawk? Good grief. Tom should've known better than to go that route.

However, I guess I should at least give him props for cutting his hair at all, even though this new style isn't doing much for him. Remember when he refused to cut his hair -- because Gisele wouldn't let him, or something like that? I think that was the reason, if I recall correctly. Regardless, he was in dire need of a trim.

But if Tom wants to bring his A-game come football season, he really needs to lose the faux hawk. And here are 10 reasons why.


1. His teammates will totally make fun of him -- I mean, take a long, hard look at that picture. I can't tell if he looks more like a bird, or Alfalfa from The Little Rascals.

2. Helmet hair -- Um, hello? I shudder to think about how his hair will look when he takes his helmet off on the sidelines. (Yikes!)

3. He'll be a sweaty mess -- Now that his hair is all piled on top of his head, the sweat will run down his face instead of his shoulders. He should seriously consider a buzz cut before the season starts. Way less sticky.

4. He lives in Boston, not California -- For whatever reason, I just don't feel like faux hawks and New England are a good fit. Maybe if he played for San Diego instead?!

5. Fans will take teasing to a new level -- Can you even imagine the sorts of things fans from the opposing team will yell at Brady when he runs out on the field? His hair really isn't worth the extra insults.

6. Gisele probably doesn't approve -- If mama ain't happy, then nobody's happy. And it's no secret that Gisele likes her man's hair LONG. She'll probably complain until he grows it out again.

7. Gisele is the model, not Tom -- When is he going to realize he's not the pretty one in that relationship? Or at least he's not supposed to be the pretty one. He should let Gisele have the hair & style spotlight and quit trying to show her up.

8. He'll freak out his kids -- That faux hawk is scary enough for grown adults to look at, so I can't even imagine how horrified his sons must be.

9. Focusing on the field will be tough -- If Tom is constantly worried about messing up his hair, how is he supposed to concentrate on his game? His new coif could potentially kill his career.

10. He's not appearing on Glee anytime soon -- Doesn't he look like he's going for a bit of a Mark Salling/Puck vibe? Yeah, that style only works on actors who play high school kids.

Be honest -- do you like Tom Brady's new faux hawk?


Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

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