Justin Bieber 'Graduation Gift' Tweets Should Make Moms Cringe

justin bieberJustin Bieber announced recently that he's finished high school, so in response, the Twitterverse has taken to musing about the kinds of graduation gifts the pop star should receive. As if the kid who owns a Batmobile really needs anything else! Well, I guess that's the point. What could Biebs possibly need? The answers to TMZ's question are popping up on Twitter under the hashtag "#BieberGraduationGifts." And they're not exactly what I was expecting ... Honestly, I thought they'd mostly all be humorous, maybe a little tongue-in-cheek. Like "21 million Beliebers' virginity." Yeah, that's pretty funny.

But for the most part, there are tweeted answers to the Q -- mostly written by seemingly tween or teenage Twitter users -- that go way too far.


I'm talkin' really mean-spirited or downright crude responses I don't feel are fit to print ... And then you've got your hoards of underage girls offering up their virginity to the Biebs. Sigh.

What is it about a seemingly innocent Twitter game that brings out such cruel, ugly, inappropriate responses? What's more, how is it escaping these (mostly) kids that their responses are completely public? Hello! That is what "social media" is! Eeek. Maybe their parents aren't currently following them on Twitter, but they need to know their tweets are still out there forever (unless they come to their senses and delete it) for anyone to see. Bad news.

No parent should have to cyber-stalk their kid to see what kind of potentially reputation-scarring antics they're getting up to online. But when so many tweets directed at a simple hashtag game are this cringe-worthy, it's apparent that some moms might need to be doing exactly that.

Do you find this disturbing?

Image via Al Bello/Getty Images

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