55-Year-Old Grandma Tries Out for Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders & Rocks It (VIDEO)

sharon simmonsYou're never too old to go after your dreams in life, which is something that Sharon Simmons is definitely out to prove. As a 55-year-old grandmother, Sharon decided it was high time to fulfill a goal she'd had for herself since she was 22-years-old -- to try out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. And last Saturday, she took the plunge and auditioned with hundreds of other (much younger) women.

And after hearing the story of Sharon's incredible journey that led her to finally trying out, I found myself tearing up a bit because part of it sounded so familiar. Like countless other moms out there, she gave up her dream of being a professional cheerleader because she didn't have a lot of money, and her family was her top priority. She opted to raise her children and devote her life to them instead of going after her biggest dream.


But even though she didn't quite make it to the football field up until this point in her life, the 33 years she spent while her plans were on the back burner were still very successful. Her credits include being an actress, author, and also the winner of nine fitness competitions (which explain why she still has such a buff bod at 55.)

There's no word yet on whether or not Sharon made the squad, but the Dallas Cowboys should seriously think about giving her a shot. She did a great job with her audition, and besides, people will come to games simply to watch her on the sidelines and see her in action! She's just such an inspiration and great reminder that as long as you believe in yourself and have the will to succeed, you're never too old to go after what you want in life.

Here is a video clip of Shannon's audition. Don't you think she deserves a spot on the squad?

Do you have dreams you've been afraid to chase because of your age?


Image via Fox Sports Southwest

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