Tim Tebow Helps Cancer Fighter Have His Best Week Ever (VIDEO)

woody roselandA man from Denver named Woody Roseland had one of the best weeks of his life recently -- because he was declared to be in remission from cancer, and got to meet two of his sports heroes all in the matter of a few days. They say, "When it rains, it pours" -- and the good fortune was definitely pouring in for Woody after his courageous battle with cancer.

On the same day he got the word from doctors that he was in remission, he also got the change to play catch at Coors Field in downtown Denver with player Jeremy Guthrie. He was thrilled to be able to walk out onto the field (amazingly as an amputee) and throw the ball around, but then when he was invited to be a guest at Tim Tebow's celebrity golf tournament in Florida a few days later? Well, that definitely made his dreams come true.


Take a look at the video clip below to hear more about Woody's amazing week -- he certainly deserved every second of it!


For me, the best part of Woody's story was hearing about how he's inspiring others to keep a positive outlook on life with his work as a motivational speaker and a stand-up comedian. He hasn't exactly had an easy time the past few years, but he's using his experience to try and help others overcome their own battles. I'm sure he's just as big a hero to the people he encourages as Jeremy Guthrie & Tim Tebow are to him!

Have you ever heard of Woody or had the privilege of seeing one of his shows?

Image via Fox News

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