Woman's Bragging on Facebook About Alleged Vandalism Was a No-Brainer

billiard table billiard ballsSounds like Carrie Underwood -- who once boasted via pop track that she took a "Louisville slugger to both headlights" of her cheatin' man's "souped-up 4-wheel drive" -- has got nothin' on a 27-year-old woman from Lexington, North Carolina, who allegedly vandalized her ex-boyfriend's home last week. The 30-year-old ex reported to officers that when she came by to pick up her belongings, she poured vegetable oil all over his pool table, broke his pool sticks, threw billiard balls around the residence, and broke several doors. Whoa, nelly! Apparently, the damage totals $500 (meh, sounds like it coulda been worse, right?), and the alleged vandalism is still under investigation.

But I guess the authorities won't have to look too far to get some facts straight. Because get this: The woman went on Facebook following the incident and bragged about it! Drrr.


Not too many details about what she wrote have emerged, but the ex-BF showed officers Facebook messages in which the woman was bragging about destroying his belongings, according to the police report. (Guess they're still "friends" on Facebook? Isn't that ironic!)

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Too bad for this woman she's not Carrie Underwood, and bragging about wrecking her ex's property isn't exactly going to earn her the big bucks! Really, you have to sincerely question anyone's sanity when they do something obviously illegal and then broadcast it via social media. It's such a no-brainer. Then again, that's the problem, right? So many people are so hooked into their status updating and tweeting about every little thing that it becomes second nature. And from that point on, anything (even something like this that rational thought would dictate is a mistake to share!) is fair game. It's almost as if these Facebook junkies are so far gone, they're powerless to stop even the most self-destructive oversharing. Eerie.

Clearly, some of us need to back aaawaaay from the status updating, if only to protect ourselves from ending up in court!

Have you ever written a status update before thinking through the possible consequences? Or are you friends with someone who seems to do that on a regular basis?

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