This Is Why You Don't Let Your Baby Run Your Press Conference (VIDEO)

Big Baby and Lil' Baby
Pro athletes are accustomed to being at the center of attention: they’re rich, they’re famous, they’re built like Adonises. But Glen “Big Baby” Davis and all of his celebrity star power couldn’t help but play the supporting role to his totally un-shy, fabulously expressive one-year-old daughter, Amari, during a press conference following the Magic-Pacers Game 3.

The Magic got demolished, but Lil’ Baby brought her own sparkle to an otherwise dismal postgame recap. She not only got her own credit on the screen but also helped her daddy get his point across by shuffling papers, making high-pitched outbursts, and abruptly being escorted off to the sidelines. Pretty much everything athletes do anyway. Clearly, she’s already groomed for greatness. Maybe even as a publicist. No more questions, please!


Miss Amari has already had a big impact on Davis’ career. When she was born, the responsibility of fatherhood settled him into a calmer, kindler, gentler NBA giant. Well, except that time when he pulled down his shorts during a game and earned a technical foul for the effort. And that naughty finger gesture he brandished on the court a few months ago. Let’s say theoretically, the birth of his baby girl has chilled her massive daddy out, which makes me wonder what he’d be like if she hadn’t been born.

This much we do know: babies make press conferences so much more exciting!

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They crumple paper into the microphone. And it’s loud.

They don’t know the issues on the table. And they could care less.  

They distract the groupies and yes men with their overwhelming adorableness.

They add another element of eye candy to the landscape.

They’re not necessarily efficient or conducive to a lot of postgame sports talk—which is in fact why her daddy was there in the first place—but judging by Amari’s performance, they spice up an otherwise routine line of questioning with squeals and chirps that perk everyone right on up.

Could anything except a baby (or maybe a really big win) make a press conference this lighthearted?  

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