Kate Upton's Sexy Baseball Card Will Have Collectors Drooling

kate uptonWell, the treasured pastime of collecting baseball cards & trading them with friends just got a whole lot less innocent, considering sexy Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton is going to be pictured on her very own Topps rookie card.

The 19-year-old blonde bombshell was selected along with a handful of other celebs to be part of the Allen & Ginters World Champion Set, which will contain 350 cards all together. Gee -- I wonder how many teenage boys will be rushing out to purchase this particular set when it comes out? (Probably more than a few.)


Kate has been a hot topic ever since she landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue back in February wearing a bikini that wasn't much bigger than a handkerchief. But she really kicked things up a notch earlier this week, when she showed off her fancy dancing moves in her now infamous Cat Daddy video. (Seriously, what was she thinking?)

How she managed to gyrate her hips without her bikini bottom falling down is anyone's guess -- and we can only hope that she'll be a little less scantily clad on her new Topps card. The last thing parents across America want to think about is their young boys opening a box of baseball cards only to sort through them and find a half naked young woman. (Baseball cards and sexy girls really don't belong in the same package.)

Do your kids collect baseball cards? (And what about your husband?) 

Image via Pacific Coast News

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