Demi Moore Changes Her Twitter Handle & It's Just Right (VIDEO)

Demi Moore @JustDemi Twitter HandleFrom the day that the whole Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore scandal hit the fan, there's been more controversy over Demi's @mrskutcher twitter handle than Weinergate circa 2011. Should she keep it? Should she change it? Ef it, everyone had an opinion. And then, IT happened.

A few weeks ago, followers caught wind that Demi was going to cut loose from the @mrskutcher Twitter handle when the A-lister told followers it was "time for a change." Well, the big change happened yesterday.

Ready for it? @JustDemi. It's cute, I think. Quaint. Pretty unexpected if you ask me. But what's the verdict from everyone else? Let's check out what a few of her followers have to say:


@cateracowboy: "I really like the name ... it kinda does grow on you ... and I just seen it. Haha ... kinda like you! xoxo."

@tgatp: "@justdemi Welcome back. And you are actually not 'justdemi.' You are just wonderful!"

@jannrainy: "I like it ~ sounds like I am who I am (period)(the end)."

@gmguernsey: "Love the new twitter name, simple but says a million words. Number one you define yourself and need no one else ... perfect!"

I agree with her fans, I think the name suits her. I have to ask though, what if she shacks up again? @JustDemi is a little solo-dolo sounding, you know? If it's no longer just Demi, maybe her significant will get a little jealous! We wouldn't want another awkward @mrskutcher sitch. And what about her kids? Do they feel left out? I guess @JustDemiRumerScoutTallulah is a little long, after all.

Hehe, I kid. For now, I think @JustDemi is just fine.

What do you think of Demi's new Twitter handle? What would you have suggested to the former @mrskutcher?


Image via Twitter

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