Football Legend Junior Seau Leaves 3 Kids Behind in Tragic Death

Junior Seau
Junior Seau
In sad news out of the sports world today, Junior Seau, a decorated NFL linebacker, one of the most popular players ever on the San Diego Chargers, and a 10-time All-Pro & 12-time Pro Bowl player, was found dead in his home in Oceanside, California. Apparently a gunshot was heard inside of his home. Seau was only 43 years old, and he leaves behind three children.

Seau, whose nickname was the "Tasmanian Devil," played in the NFL for almost two decades. On top of playing for the Chargers, during the New England Patriots' perfect regular season in 2007, he played in all 16 games. He was also extremely popular at the University of Southern California, his alma mater. No doubt NFL and college football fans are mourning this loss today. And the events surrounding his death sound even sadder.


According to TMZ, Seau texted his ex-wife and three kids yesterday, "Love you." Reportedly they all responded to him and no one thought anything was wrong. None of his friends or family members saw signs of depression from him in recent weeks, either.

Sources also told TMZ that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. So sad and tragic. Though of course it's too soon to confirm exactly what happened, if Seau did commit suicide, it brings to light an earlier incident when he drove his SUV off a cliff back in the fall of 2010. He claimed to have nodded off only hours after the arrest for charges on attacking his 25-year-old girlfriend.

And of course, the concussion debate is inevitable: With all the new studies recently on how blows to the head affect players' brains -- thrust into the spotlight especially after NFL player Dave Duerson shot himself and asked his brain be donated to science, believing his profession made him become mentally impaired -- you can't help but wonder if this is linked at all to Seau's suicide. The NFL has unfortunately been known to completely forget and/or ignore the health and well being of its retired players, and with someone like Seau, whose career was so decorated, killing himself, maybe it's time for the league to take seriously what a physical toll the game has been having on its players.

But as for now, on behalf of all NFL and college football fans, our hearts go out to Seau's friends and family. This is such a tragic end to this football legend's life.

Are you saddened to hear about Junior Seau's passing?


Image via JJ Hall/Wikimedia

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