Bizarre ESPN Scandal Involving Young, Female Gambling 'Expert' Will Make Your Brain Explode

sarah phillips
Sarah Phillips?
There is quite a bit of buzz surrounding ESPN today, because apparently they were duped by someone named Sarah Phillips, who they hired to write a column for their site on sports betting. While ESPN thought she was a college student in her 20s who just happened to have a very firm knowledge of gambling and placing bets, some are now claiming she is nothing but a savvy Internet fraud.

While the question Who exactly is Sarah Phillips? seems highly debatable and confusing at best, it's still kind of crazy that someone as big as ESPN is at the middle of the whole scandal.


You'd think before hiring someone to write a column, they'd do a thorough background check to see what the person's credentials were and where they came from. And honestly, considering just how influential they are in the sports world, it probably would've been smart for them to bring Sarah into their offices for an interview before adding her to the staff roster. At least that way they would've been able to avoid this whole mess and back up their decision to hire her.

As for "Sarah Phillips" -- if this Twitter account is really for real (who knows what's "real" anymore?) -- she's doing anything but staying off the radar right now. She's posted quite a few tweets in defense of identity -- although we're still not even sure if she's really her or someone else. Of course, as far as "Sarah's" career goes, I think it's a little too late to do damage control.

Are you as confused about this Sarah Phillips story as we are? Does this whole thing make your brain explode?


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