Pauly D Takes to Twitter About Being Fat -- Who Needs an Agent?

Pauly D shows off his absOh Pauly D, I feel sorta bad for you, you handsome gorilla. Everyone's, like, all up on your case because they think you're either going under the knife or gaining a few pounds. Don't they know that everyone has a bad picture day?

In true Lindsay Lohan "I'm so tired of rumors startin'" fashion -- Pauly took to Twitter the other day to silence the haters. Yup, see that photo to the right? That's the hunka man AND his six-pack abs. Shoot, PD looks so good I'll forgive his use of "taking" verses "taken."

It's sorta funny, isn't it? Heck -- in today's tech savvy world, Pauly (and every other celeb ever) hardly needs an agent anymore. The best part? They don't have to pay Twitter a dime!


I mean come ON, within 48 hours of the picture being posted -- every gossip site and Pauly D fan have seen the photo. I don't even know if the hottest agent EVER with some massive Rolodex could get that sorta distribution for their client.

Plain and simple: Celebrities are real people. Just like any normal person, when someone says something that's not true about them, they want to set the record straight. These days, Twitter makes that easy. Sure, there are the Twitter mishaps a la Chris Brown, Ashton Kutcher, and the like. But you know what? I like it better this way.

You know why? Because I like to get a glimpse of what their lives are actually like. Celeb reps and agents, they know the "right" ways to portray their clients to the world. But the clients themselves? Not always. Like any gossip monger, I wanna get to know what goes on behind closed doors. And thanks to sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the rest -- it's all pretty accessible.

Who is your fave Jersey Shore cast member to follow on Twitter?


Image via Splash News

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