Paulina Gretzky's Racy Photos Are Daddy Wayne's Worst Nightmare (PHOTOS)

paulina gretzky

I think it's safe to say that Wayne Gretzky is having a bit of a tough week, considering his daughter, Paulina Gretzky, went and shared a bunch of racy photos on Twitter. Again.

It's funny, you'd think that after daddy Wayne voiced his displeasure with some of the more risque pics she posted on Twitter last year (leading her to deactivate her account for a few days), she'd hesitate to showcase her wild ways for the public again. But I guess you can take the party girl off Twitter temporarily, but you can't totally take the party out of the girl. (Or something to that effect.)


Wayne may be one of the greatest hockey players of all time, but his daughter is still just a 23-year-old girl who wants to enjoy this time in her life and live it up a bit. But after looking at some of the photos, I can totally understand why he would be just a tad embarrassed by his little princess putting so much out there for the world to see. Take a look at this shot -- need I say more?

paulina gretzky

Seeing your daughter pictured lounging around with two dudes in a suggestive position isn't exactly a sight most dads would welcome. And I'm sure he wasn't too crazy about the booze and cigarettes either.

Plus, considering that we're right in the middle of hockey season with the Stanley Cup coming up, this probably isn't the reason that Wayne hoped to have his name pop up in headlines. I'm sure he'd much rather be talked about for his amazing hockey career than his daughter's amazing -- well, whatever.

Do you think Paulina's actions will hurt Wayne's image?


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