Football Player Lands on Toddler in Scary Accident (VIDEO)

Mustangs game child hurtYou never know when an accident can happen -- just ask the family who was at the wrong place at the wrong time while out for a fun night attending a Milwaukee Mustangs game. Here's the story: The Bradley Center was packed with fans Saturday night, and at halftime, some of the kids got to run on the field and toss the ball around. 

Then, as the kids and parents were making their way back to their seats, the game resumed. One of the players made a leaping catch (seemingly for a touchdown) and went right over the barrier. Unfortunately, he landed on a little boy whose dad and horrified onlookers saw the whole thing unfold. And the whole thing was caught on tape.


Here's the video of the incident:

You can see how quickly the dad reacted by pulling his son off the ground and scooping him into his arms. He reportedly then rushed his son to the nearest paramedic. The boy had to be hospitalized but was released that same night, so it looks like he'll be fine.

Still, pretty crazy, right? I can't imagine what that dad must have felt when he saw that huge man land on top of his son full-speed when the two of them were trying to get back to their seats. A freak accident, but a scary one!

Just goes to show that no matter how "okay" everything seems to be -- a barrier in between you and the huge 200-pound players, other kids and families around, dad right there watching -- you never know when disaster can strike. A witness said, "His head went face-first into the bench, and it was so fast." Needless to say, this accident could have quickly turned into a tragedy, and I'm sure everyone involved and who saw what happened is very grateful that it didn't!

Have you ever seen any freaky accidents happen during games?


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