Kris Humphries' Kind Gesture Towards Cancer Patient Makes Us Proud

kris humphries

We've seen Kris Humphries painted in such a negative light ever since his big split from Kim Kardashian, but we can't help but be incredibly moved by his kind gesture to a 16-year-old girl suffering from cancer.

After she attended a New Jersey Nets game, Kaely Kwitek got the chance to meet Kris and spend some time with him in the locker room after the game. Kaely is suffering from stage 4 Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, and she looked so happy and thrilled to be hanging out with Kris. The pair took some pictures together, and she reportedly even has one of the two of them posted as her Facebook profile picture -- which shows just how thrilled she was to meet him face to face.


Making this young girl's dreams come true shows off a much softer, more human side of Kris -- and it's likely one that's been there all along. But because of all the drama that goes along with reality TV and celebrity divorces, it's easy to forget that underneath all the media hype, Kris is probably just a regular guy with a good heart who wants to make a difference. It's so refreshing to see him do something to make someone else happy instead of getting so caught up in trying to prove Kim used him as a publicity stunt.

He should really think about doing more stuff like this and start focusing on the positive aspects of his life instead of the things that do nothing but drag him down. If he keeps up this kind of sweet behavior -- he may actually have quite a few fans switching over to team Kris!

Do Kris's wonderful actions towards this young girl make you feel differently about his character?


Image via EEntertainment/YouTube

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