Adorable Grandma Wants 80,000 Twitter Followers Before She Dies (VIDEO)

josephine lambertiWhen my grandmother turned 80, I can't remember exactly what we did to celebrate, but if I were a betting woman, I'd say that, per her request, it involved an Outback Steakhouse and a Carvel cake with "chocolate crunchies." She's a simple woman. A simple woman who has no clue how to use a computer. What does a computer have to do with my grandmother's 80th birthday? Nothing! I told you she can't use one. But Josephine Lamberti, AKA @J_DIMPS, does. And her request for her 80th birthday is 80,000 Twitter followers. And doggone it, the woman's close -- and she's made a boatload of celebrity friends in the process.


According to the Staten Island grandma's Twitter bio, Lamberti is on a quest for “80K followers (or maybe a million) before I die!” Currently, she has about 65,000, and among some of the people she's interacted with via the social networking site are Rihanna and Jose Canseco.

The way this whole thing started was her 24-year-old grandson, Donnie Brandefine, wanted to give her something to do. So he signed her up for Twitter. But, at first, Lamberti found Twitter boring (who doesn't?). So the two came up with the idea of trying to get Josephine 80,000 followers, and ever since then, she's been having a blast. She posts photos, videos, and even tweets at Khloe Kardashian.

Celeb interactions aside, though, I've gotta say, I'm really impressed with Josephine's tech skills. I mean, yeah, I'm sure her grandson helps her out some, but there's no way he's with her 24:7, doing all of her tweeting for her. A 70-year-old lady posting a TwitPic is pretty dang impressive. Now if I could only get my grandma to start using Twitter. Ooh, I know! Maybe if I can entice her by telling her she can post a picture of her and a Carvel crunchy cake!

Check Lamberti out:

Is your grandparent on Twitter or Facebook?


Image via Dfine5/YouTube

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