7 Types of Facebook Friends We Love to Hate


Do you have certain Facebook friends that you kind of want to hit over the head with a frying pan on any given day of the week? Well, not literally hit them over the head -- but you know what I mean, right?

Facebook is so great for keeping in touch with people you don't see very often and would probably have no contact with ever again if the platform didn't exist. But on the other hand, there are days when I really hate the darn site altogether. Because sometimes my Facebook friends make my skin crawl.

Before I go any further, I have to confess that I've been guilty of being that super obnoxious friend on more than one occasion. I'm no Facebook saint (as I'm sure all of my peeps would agree), and I wouldn't be surprised if some of my friends have wanted to tell me to shut up more than a few times.


And while I genuinely like most all of the people I'm connected with on the site, there really are a few types of friends that I have a major love/hate relationship with.

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1. The Roses & Unicorns Bragger: OMG. Is there anything worse than opening up your Facebook news feed and seeing the exact same people proclaim over and over again how picture perfect their life is? You know -- the people who never have anything remotely negative happen, because they fart strawberries and have baby unicorns living in their backyard. Don't get me wrong -- positivity is great. But there's a fine line between being positive and trying to rub your ever-so-perfect existence into everyone else's faces.

2. Debbie Downer: While the Roses & Unicorns friend is a real pain in the tush, the "my life and everything about it totally suck" friend is just as big a nuisance. Everyone runs into tough times, but does everything really have to be that bad all of the time? Strike a good balance between smiling and complaining if you want to be liked on Facebook.

3. Miss Mysterious: Ok. I've done the cryptic status update thing a couple times, which is surprising because I absolutely can't stand when other people do it. Doesn't it drive you crazy when your friends post something like, "OMG. Don't wanna get my hopes up, but my fingers are crossed!" (I'll never do that again. I swear. It's the WORST.)

4. Mr. Money Bags: C'mon, you know you have one or two of these somewhere on your friend list. How much do you hate the guy (or gal) who constantly puts price tags & labels on everything, from their million-dollar house to their BMW to the first class vacation they just took to Hawaii? We get it -- you're loaded. But there really are more important things in life.

5. The Serial Compliment Fisher: Yep. Not gonna lie. I'm guilty of this one too. Nothing makes you look more pathetic and desperate than begging for praise on Facebook. If I see "I can't believe my size 2 jeans fit again!" posted one more time, I'm going to scream.

6. The Super Opinionated Jerk: I'm already dreading plenty more of these popping up with the election looming a few months away. Nothing disappoints me more on Facebook than when someone plasters their political opinion out there for everyone to see, demands to be respected for it, but then has absolutely no room for letting other people have their own opinions in contrast. Double standards make me crazy.

7. The Hopeless Romantic: Every time I see someone post something about how perfect their husband or wife is and how they are so blessed and love them more than all the stars in the sky (or some sappy crap like that), I roll my eyes and gag a little bit. Keep the mushy stuff (that may or may not be nothing but a cover up for your marital problems) off your Facebook status. Putting it out there for the world to see takes all of the romance out of it anyway.

What other types of Facebook friends drive you insane?


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