Robert Pattinson Has a Serious Twitter Problem (VIDEO)

robert pattinsonSome celebrities were made for social media. Kim Kardashian, who lives for 24/7 attention? And her BF Kanye West who can't keep his mouth shut? Justin Bieber, who was discovered on the Internet? When it comes to Twitter and Facebook, these names are matches made in status update heaven. But others ... have a completely different idea about how they want to relate to their fans. Like Robert Pattinson.

The actor is lusted after, adored, and admired the world over. For someone who hasn't ever tweeted, he has no shortage of "followers." But he also has to contend with being photographed wherever he goes. Having "sources" dish private info to the press. Sure, you might say that's just part of the fame game, but as far as taking an active role in all of it and catering to it with his own Twitter chatter? He'll be having none of that, thankyouverymuch. And here's why ...


Old interview footage has recently surfaced from a segment called Scoop With Raya on an Arabic channel. RPatz explains his thoughts on Twitter:

That thing causes me so many problems! I don't want to contribute to it whatsoever. That thing is a NIGHTMARE. For my life, the worst invention EVER.

Wow. He doesn't hold back! But who could blame the guy? Just recently, he was swept into a media melodrama, because a fake tweet was floating around reportedly making it look like his Twilight co-star Nikki Reed was kvetching about his bodyguards at Coachella. Oy. The poor guy seriously cannot get a break.

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The thing is ... Twitter and social media in general is a nightmare for people who are naturally private, like Rob. (And Kristen Stewart for that matter.) Sure, there are less vain and superficial ways for it to be used, but for the most part, it's a constantly bleating horn that serves no other purpose other than to broadcast one's internal chatter and whereabouts. Like Rob, my fiance can't stand it, and even gets slightly irritated that people are learning about his life/thoughts/location via my social networking. I understand, because Tweeting isn't for everyone, and we shouldn't expect it to be.

As far as RPatz is concerned, the bottom-line is that he values his privacy faaar too much for Twitter to become a part of his life. And given that he's already "followed" just about everywhere he goes already, fans should be able to live with his anti-Twitter sentiment.

Here's the clip in which he talks about hatin' Twitter:


Does it bother you that RPatz won't join Twitter? How do you feel about Twitter?

Image via Robstenville/YouTube

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