Puppy Dating Site Is Better (and Furrier!) Than Facebook

MatchPuppyAdmit it, you're getting a little tired of Facebook. I know, I know, it's like that distant third cousin you can never completely let go of ... erm, yeah, you get what I'm saying. If you're like me, you have a love/hate relationship with the social networking site, and you just can't get away. Well what if I told you there was a much FUNNER site, and this one involved SUPER ADORABLE PUPPIES.

Got your attention, eh? Meet MatchPuppy, a new combination dating/social networking site FOR YOUR DOG. Yup, precious fluffy little Onion is gonna have a page of his own! The fun part? Your canine companion OBVIOUSLY can't use a computer, so this is, like, barktastic fun for you!

So how's it all work? And what's the point? Come fetch, my dog-loving amigas:


OK so here's the lowdown: You go to the site, you sign up your dog. Then, you enter in a whole bunch of details about your furry friend like how much energy they have, what breed they are, the whole nine yards. Then the site asks you where you usually hang with your pet, and asks if you're interested in any local "playdates."

How fun is that?! This is, like, the cuter, much more fun version of Pinterest, wouldn't you say? Who DOESN'T like looking at picture after picture of adorable doggies, all of which wanna play? I wonder if just I could sign up. I mean, I'm not ready to take in a dog of my own -- but I'd sure as hell play with yours for an hour!

I do have some bad news. Currently, it's only available in New York. But you TOTALLY know it's going to expand with demand, and come ON -- who doesn't want their dogs to have a few furry friends? Before you know it, your dog will be more popular on the Internet than you are.

Would you sign your dog up on MatchPuppy? Are you TOO getting tired of Facebook?


Image via MatchPuppy

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