Man Posts Naked Photos of Ex to Facebook & Gets in BIG Trouble

sexy legsYou know what the Internet has ruined? Besides our attention spans, love lives, and the ability to communicate? Naked pictures. I'm sure there are those out there who would beg to differ (dirty birds), but I know there are others -- I.E. celebrities and regular ol' folk who are just trying to snap some steamy photos -- who would surely agree. Like, take this guy, Ravshan ''Ronnie'' Usmanov, for instance. Dude just can't handle naked photos and the Internet. In fact, he can't handle it so much that he went as far as to publish a whole mess of nude photos of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook. Way to ruin it for the rest of us, buddy! But don't worry, this story has a happy ending. Usmanov got in a crap-ton of trouble.


Okay, here's the story. Well, there's not much of a story other than what I just told you, but here are the details. Shortly after Usmanov's girlfriend broke things off with him and moved out of the place they shared, he posted photos of her "nude in certain positions and clearly showing her breasts and genitalia" onto the social networking site. He then emailed her, saying: "Some of your photos are now on Facebook." When she realized what he was talking about, she ran to his house and demanded that he take the photos down. When he didn't, she called the cops. The result? The first social network-related conviction in Australian history! Usmanov got six months house arrest for his dirtbag move. Congrats, dude!

Look, bottom line is, what with the Internet and Facebook and this thing and that, we probably shouldn't be taking naked pictures of ourselves. But it's nice to know that, once in a while, when we go out on a limb and do so, there's a chance that the yahoo who leaks them to the world will have to pay.

Have you ever taken sexy photos of yourself?


Image via Mikamatto/Flickr

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