YouTube's 'I Cried' Button Makes the Internet Seem Almost Human

cryingIn addition to having a "like" and "dislike" button for people to utilize on their site, YouTube has now added a new button: The "I cried" button. Well, YouTube hasn't added the button per se, but an online experiment called Project Goodcry has made the button available to Google Chrome users via the Chrome app store.

The purpose of this addition is pretty self-explanatory. It's there for you to click when you've been particularly moved by whatever it is you just watched; it's there for you to click when you've cried.

At first I thought such a button -- like all buttons online -- was kind of stupid, foolish. But after I thought about it a little harder, I came to the conclusion that this is actually a great idea. This button could actually make the Internet seem ... human. 


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It's happened to all of us. You're sitting alone, watching a video online -- be it of a baby or a puppy or a really touching story -- and you suddenly start feeling hot tears pouring down your cheeks. It feels kind of good, but at the same time, well, you feel kind of like a tool because you're crying alone, staring at your computer. Wouldn't it be nice to know that you're not the only tool out there? That there are other people who cried while watching that video, also? And as the poster of the video, wouldn't it be nice to know that whatever it is you put out there in Internetland really moved people? I think so.

As you very well know, the Internet isn't filled with hearts and stars and cartwheels and unicorns. It's downright nasty. The "I cried" button makes it a little bit ... less.

Do you like the idea of an "I cried" button?

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