Hearing Caroline Wozniacki's New Song Is Like Being Stabbed to Death by a Paperclip (VIDEO)

Caroline Wozniacki Oxygen
Caroline Wozniacki
As if we needed more proof that anyone can make a crappy music video nowadays? Caroline Wozniacki, a Danish professional tennis player, despite being the second highest earning female athlete in the world according to Forbes in 2011, has come out with such a terrible music video, you're gonna be left wondering about the future of humanity after watching it.

Okay, so Caroline has never won a Grand Slam, but it's safe to say her chances of winning anything for her artistic/singing talent are even smaller. Her video "Oxygen" is an awkward montage of her signing autographs and singing robotically in a studio -- yet facing away from the microphone -- and flirting with some dude and playing with some kids. And there's a dog. Please just watch it. It'll make you feel better about your life choices, I guarantee it.


Okay, so apparently she made this video for charity, but couldn't she have done something like play in a charity match or visit some schools or start a campaign on Facebook or ... really, anything else? This video might actually insult the charity.

She is just the latest proof that auto-tune is one of the worst inventions in the entire world. Not even sure what the dog, dude in the leather jacket, and tennis ball with a smiley face on it were all about either. I think I'd rather not know. I can't believe enough people out there thought this song and video were a good enough idea to have them actually produced! It makes me weep.

But it just goes to show that sometimes there's nothing more fun than watching a horrific music video (Rebecca Black, anyone?). "I'm breathing you I'm breathing you I'm breathing you I'm breathing you" might just rival "Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after ... wards ..."

What do you think of Caroline Wozniacki's video? Think she should stick to tennis?


Image via alcalejon/YouTube

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