Deion Sanders Needs to Keep His Family Matters Private (PHOTO)

deion sanders

Deion Sanders may be a football hall-of-famer, but judging from his recent actions, he seems to be forgetting that he's a big time sports figure who doesn't need every detail of his life in the public eye.

Seriously -- what is up with these professional sports types getting into all sorts of trouble?! Deion filed for divorce from his wife Pilar back in December, and now she's been arrested on charges of domestic violence. Supposedly she broke into Deion's room and "jumped" him -- and she did all of this in front of their two children.

If the allegations against Pilar are true, then I don't blame Deion for being upset. But he should've thought a little bit harder about the potential media frenzy before tweeting a picture of him sitting with his kids while they filled out police reports against their mom.


He first posted a couple of Twitter messages asking for prayers for himself and the kids, and then posted the photo with this caption:

"Filling out police reports now! Thank God for this platform to issue the Truth."

This platform? Meaning Twitter -- or the police reports? Either way, Deion should know better than to make personal family matters so public. Even though he doesn't play for the Cowboys anymore, he still works in sports as an NFL analyst, so he's still a pretty big influence in the professional sports arena. You think he'd be smart enough to realize that putting his life on display has the potential to hurt his career -- or worse, make people remember him for his domestic issues rather than his game.

Do you think Deion's estranged wife really attacked him?


Image via Twitter

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