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Metta World Peace James HardenMetta World Peace elbows James Harden

So, guys. Have you heard of this dude, Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest? He's an NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers and pulled an incredibly douche-tastic move in his latest game: he blatantly elbowed James Harden, player for Oklahoma City Thunder, in the head, giving him a concussion!

Metta World Peace (can we just call him MWP for now?) was immediately ejected from the game and is currently awaiting punishment from the league. Let's hope he's suspended for multiple games! This guy needs to learn a lesson!

But nothing can compare to the hilarious Tweets that have come out from this whole debacle, especially due to the irony of MWP changing his name to "Peace" and then committing such a violent act. See video of the elbowing and our roundup of Twitter reactions after the jump.


Here's a video of the incident. It happens quickly, but damn! That ain't right.

And here are the best Tweets coming out of the elbow heard 'round the world:

Marlon Wayans (@MARLONLWAYANS): Ron Artest just elbow James Hardin's beard clean off his face... Look closely it's still on the court

The Bill Walton Trip (@NotBillWalton): If you thought the people's elbow Ron Artest gave to James Harden was vicious, wait until you see the choke slam David Stern lays on Artest.

Seamus Dever (@seamusdever): Hey Metta, World Peace starts at home. #elbowsforpeace

Donovan Strain (@DonovanStrain): RT "@ESPN: Breaking-Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest has been suspended and signed to the Oakland Raiders."

Denis Leary (@denisleary): Gotta love Ron Artest, if only for this headline: Severe Punishment Expected For World Peace.

Will Gill (@WillGill): Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest aka The Peoples Elbow. If ya smellllll...

JBreezy The Poet (@WatchJ): #BreakingNews Ron Artest will be an unlockable character on the new Mortal Kombat game coming out on XBOX this fall

Ghost (@GinoTheGhost): My phone just autocorrected Ron Artest to Ron Arrest

Sean Baptiste (@SeanTheBaptiste): I think it's amazing that it only took Ron Artest to make Los Angeles boo World Peace (on Earth Day!)

Andy Roddick (@andyroddick): I think metta world peace should change his name to holy flying elbow

SportsPickle (@sportspickle): Disillusioned Metta World Peace changes his name to Military Industrial Complex ---

Sooo Not Rex Ryan (rexryan): James Harrison should expect to receive a fine for that hit James Harden took from Metta World Peace.

The Fake ESPN (@thefakeespn): Metta World Peace admits to suffering from schizophrenia, but only below the left shoulder, "The rest of us are fine, we promise."

Eyck Mcdude (@EYCKMCDUDE): I'm changing my name to metta world peace so i can start riots and throw elbows into whoever happens to be walking by.

King of the Spread (@KingOfTheSpread): Metta World Peace had his Game of Thrones slayer face on when he took out James Harden with that elbow

Which one is your favorite? Are you a Metta World Peace fan?


Image via watchnba2012/YouTube

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