'Obama on Fallon' Brings Out the Twitter Meanies (Shocker)

obama on fallonI'm, like, so mad I didn't invent Twitter. Not only is it a great way to get up-to-the-minute banal info on your friends and random people, it's a great way to connect with celebrities you'd otherwise have zero contact whatsoever with. Celebs like, you know, the President of the United States. Lemme explain. Tomorrow, Barack Obama will be appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and instead of racking his brain with a team of people to come up with questions, Fallon is asking we the people to come up with questions for the POTUS. Via Twitter of course. So far, the questions are ... ballsy as hell. Definitely nothing anyone would have the gall to ask Obama in person. Unless they wanted to get arrested. Check some of 'em out.


-Can you reference where your family was "entitled" to 17 taxpayer funded vacations in 3 years?

-Do you understand that when people compare your presidency to Jimmy Carter's it's not a compliment?

-Does the magic underwear match the drapes?

-Has President Barrack Obama ever seen the movie Fever Pitch? (Okay, funny)

-Will you let Columbia University release your undergraduate records? (Wha?)

-Why do young people still support you when it is them that you are hurting the most?

-Why are you a coward on glbt issues?

-Is your wife violating any child labor laws by employing your daughters as 'senior staffers'?

-What will people visit less: your presidential library, or a leper colony?

-How does it feel to be the worst president in American history? (Ummm ...)

Bold. But I'm kind of thinking most (read: all) of these questions would not be asked to the President's face -- which, once again, illustrates my point that, dang, people are mean on the Internet.

Here's a chance to ask Barack Obama a meaningful, insightful question -- whether you like him or not. And here everybody goes, getting rude, crude, and downright mean -- thanks to the anonymity of the ol' Internet. If you have a problem with the man, come up with a good question to ask him! Surely, he baffles you, right? What do you want an answer to? A real answer to? This is a once in a lifetime chance, people. Seems like such a waste to hide behind nasty Twitter jokes. (That said, though, I still am mad I didn't invent Twitter.)

What would you ask the President if you could?


Image via Twitter

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