Army Dad's Surprise Homecoming at the Ballpark Is a Major Tearjerker (VIDEO)

soldier steven smerer

During spring and summer, there really isn't anything more relaxing than enjoying a game at the ballpark with your family. It's so nice to get a little downtime and enjoy a good baseball game, hot dogs, and a few good cheers too.

But the Smerer family got a little something extra when they attended a Seattle Mariners game a couple of weeks ago -- because their Army dad had cooked up a huge surprise for them during the middle of the game. He pulled off the ultimate shock when he came home from Afghanistan and headed straight for the stadium, where he disguised himself as an umpire for the team.


And when 13-year-old Kyle Smerer ran out onto the field to retrieve a base and bring it back to home plate as part of a contest, he was stunned when the umpire reached out and grabbed him -- until he realized it was his own dad!

Warning -- you'll want to grab the tissues before watching Steven Smerer's emotional reunion with his son and the rest of his family in this video clip.


Can you imagine the excitement in that crowd the minute they realized what they were witnessing on the field? I'll bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house. And I can't even begin to imagine how overjoyed Steven's wife and kids must have been -- especially considering they hadn't seen him in four months. Every time I watch the video of their reunion, I burst into tears!

Baseball is the quintessential American pastime, and I really can't think of a more fitting way to honor an American soldier than letting him give his family the ultimate "home run" experience. I'm sure that game is one the Smerer clan will never forget -- especially since Steven headed back to Afghanistan today. My thoughts and prayers are with him for another safe return!

What are some of your favorite baseball park memories?

Image via Fox News

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