Brides Would Be Wise to Leave Some Sweet Wedding Details Offline

couple works on laptop togetherIt was only about a week after we got engaged when I was first asked, "So, do you guys have a wedding website we can check out?" Granted, in some of our social circles, I am the resident Little Miss Blogger, but still ... I don't think this was about that. It's more that as soon as your engagement is marked with a timestamp these days, people want information -- where, when, how NOW. And the web has made that info easier than ever to send out to friends and family/guests. (Plus, I get the feeling that oldsters who don't happen to have Facebook feel really left out when all you've done is announce your engagement so far on there. They want to know, "Where's the virtual guestbook for me to sign?!")

ADD-fueled temper tantrums from loved ones aside, it seems like there are many pros to having a wedding website ...


For instance, it's a greener, more organized way to send out announcements or updates to the itinerary, you can cover your bases with certain awkward FAQs (aka it's the perfect place to cite in a diplomatic way that you're not having kids at your 9 p.m. Saturday night reception), and it's a great way for your tech-savvy guests to be able to double or triple-check where you're registered or what the venue address is.

On the other hand, I know people have begun using the wedding website as a catch-all for even more -- like it serves as their save-the-dates and even their invites! Awesome way to save money and eco-friendly, but um ... here's what I want to know as a bride-to-be: What do you do about your 78-year-old Aunt Rosie who hasn't even activated her Jitterbug cell phone, let alone has access to a version of Firefox that runs Javascript? You have to send her something in the mail, right? Also, isn't it kind of nice to have at least a few paper save-the-dates or invites for memory's sake?

In the end, it seems to me having just the right balance of technology and real-life (or as the kids might say, old-school) communications for your wedding is probably the way to go ... unless, of course, everyone you're inviting has a Gmail account they check daily ... (My fiance's grandma actually fits that description, but she's one awesome exception!)

Do you think it's possible to do everything for your wedding via a website or do you agree some paper communication is necessary?

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