Father & Son Build Fenway Park Replica -- Awesome!

Fenway ParkThe biggest news out of the sports world today? Fenway Park, America's oldest professional sports venue, turns 100 years old. Considering cities can't raise money (or get into debt) fast enough to build the latest and greatest arenas and stadiums, it's pretty fantastic than Fenway has reached this epic milestone.

Can you believe that Fenway’s first game was played 100 years ago on Friday? And President John F. Kennedy’s grandfather threw out the very first pitch!

We can thank a family in Oregon for one of the coolest tributes to come from Fenway's historic run. Jim Maciariello, 58, and and his son, Ben, 31, built a one-third-scale replica of Fenway Park on 60 acres of farmland, appropriately dubbed Fenway West.


Jim, who's from Boston (obviously), is a longtime Red Sox fan. Clearly he's passed that love along, as Ben is the Oregon governor of the Red Sox Nation fan club. They took their love to such an extreme that they spent $7,000 building and maintaining this miniature Fenway Park (the aerial photo is pretty incredible!). And here's another angle.

As Jim says, “Baseball is about kids and fun and remembering your favorite players. Baseball is timeless. And Fenway is the oldest park in America. So, we thought: ‘How cool would it be to have our family and friends trying to hit balls over the Green Monster?’” according to the Register Guard.

Back in 2006, Jim and Ben worked over 12 hours a day to make this dream come to life. They included details like Fenway’s trademark scoreboard, the odd-shape “triangle” in the center wall, and “Pesky’s Pole” in right field. Then they built a three-foot fence around the entire thing!

Whew. Talk about a labor of love. Very Field of Dreams-esque, wouldn't you say? I can't imagine they'll see much of a return from their $7,000 investment, but hopefully the memories they make in Fenway West will be worth more than anything monetary. Or it could end just like the movie with a miles-long line of headlights of cars full of baseball fans waiting to take in and play on this amazing field!

Happy 100th birthday, Fenway Park!

What do you think of this one-third-scale replica? Total waste or fitting tribute?

Image via }{enry/Flickr

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