If a Man Live-Tweets Proposal to Girlfriend, She Shouldn't Say 'Yes'

man on smartphoneKate Middleton and Prince William's royal "I do"s were obviously live-tweeted, because their wedding was historic, happy, international news. But they didn't expect it. Kim Kardashian is the only person I can think of who would actually require that her wedding be live-tweeted. Or worse yet, her marriage proposal. Not sure how soon it was that she broadcast that (now known to be doomed) news via social media, but I'm sure it didn't take long at all. At any rate, apparently Kim and other Twitter junkie celebs aren't the only ones out there who feels it's appropriate to share your most personal moments in an extremely public and up-to-the-minute way.

Consider Mike Duerksen, a guy from Canada, who, last Friday, live-tweeted his proposal to his girlfriend. More than 700 response tweets came in with the hashtag "#MikeProposes" over the course of the guy's 12-hour tweet sesh. (Haa ... I wonder if after all of that, they gave birth to a Twitter baby??)


There were definitely cute parts of the live-tweeted proposal. Duerksen took his girlfriend, "J" out on eight separate dates to eight different locations, each which meant something different to the couple (i.e. on a picnic, to a pond, out for coffee). At each location, he gave her a card containing "a picture, a memory, and a wish for the future." Cute. However ... all along the way, he was TWEETING. And RE-TWEETING. And having friends try to get @TheEllenShow's attention about his live-tweeted proposal. UGH! The worst part? "J" doesn't even use Twitter. That day, she left her phone at home. So lame!

Duerksen defended himself by saying that he was just trying to share the moment with friends (and obviously strangers). And that's cute, but really, if I were "J", I would have been PISSED. That is how you propose to your gf? With your nose buried in your smartphone? So wrong! And it really gives me the willies about the future of interpersonal communication.

There are moments that are sacred, that are exclusively meant to occur face-to-face (despite what one of the characters in the new HBO show Girls said on the pilot that face-to-face is "ideal, but not of this time" ... ugh!). A marriage proposal is one of those moments. No #BigQuestion.

Do you think this was a totally wrong or kinda cute use of technology?

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