10 Ridiculously Funny Facebook Fails

I just broke Rule #10 two days ago, so I guess I really AM that obnoxious Facebook friend. But at least I didn't post about how my boss is a pervy wanker—only to have him leave me a comment on my status reminding me that I'd friended him ... and oh yeah, not to bother coming in tomorrow.

We all have our own rules for what is and isn't okay to post on Facebook (me, I have a thing about spaghetti-faced baby photos, but I fully admit that's my own personal problem). But some Facebook gaffes go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to breaching etiquette. Whether it's an honest mistake, a thread gone wrong, or a joke taken way (WAY) too far, some people have lived to regret their statuses. Thankfully, that's what screen captures are for. So these horribawesome Facebook fails can be shared FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN.

Check out this collection of some of the most hilarious/cringeworthy Facebook goofs of all time


Yeahhh, talking smack about your job? Never a good idea. Especially bad if you're FB friends with your boss.


Just who is this Mr. Al Qaeeda, anyway???


Surprise! We got you this spoilery Facebook status.


If Eddie Murphy posted on FB ...


Something tells me Kelsea looks better in the shower than I do.


Well maybe your SON works in mysterious ways, Beth!


Say, would you like some salt for that emotional wound?


The Lord giveth, and he taketh away ...


Actually it does look pretty stupid, Matt. Sorry.


Yeah, THX AGIN WILL! Haiti surely thx you as well.

I'm sure some of these are fake, but they're so funny I don't even care.

What's the funniest status you've ever seen on Facebook?

Images via Oddee, Lamebook

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