Dream About Sex, Nightclubs & Bikinis With the Help of Your iPhone

iPhone SigmundMeet Sigmund. He's a conniving fellow. Somehow, he knows how to get right inside your head. I'm talking more than that ex-boyfriend from way back in your high school days, too. He actually can get into your dreams. No, he can MAKE your dreams. And oh, there's one little thing I haven't quite mentioned yet -- he's an iPhone app.

Yup, now I've seen it all. Meet the iPhone app that aims to program your dreams (for only $0.99, too!). It was made by some cool Harvard doctor, so it's gotta be so totally legit -- right?

I know you're wondering: So how's this thing work? Take a walk with me, won'tcha?


So essentially, the app enables users to "program" their dreams using a list of 1,000 keywords. The user starts by selecting one to five words from a list that they want their dreams to focus on. Then, it's time to hit the sheets. During the "deepest moments of sleep," or the REM cycle, a soothing female voice reads the words to the snoozer and voila -- dream magic in the makin'!

Shoot, this is nuts. Can you even imagine the possibility of dreaming of, say, cotton candy and meadows every damn night? Would you not TOTALLY be the happiest person alive? One thing to note, though: it seems like the app only has a 34 to 40 percent success rate. But hey, that doesn't mean it's not worth a try, right?

I'm a little confused as to why that fancy Harvard doc picked Sigmund for the name, though, especially if the app "speaks" as a woman. One thing's for sure: If I'm gonna invest here, I'd hope there was a way to change that pretty little voice to a man.

Would you try programming your dreams? If so, what would you want to dream about?


Image via Robert Scoble/Flickr

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