Demi Moore Finally Takes Our Advice to Change Her Twitter Name

demi moore
Self portrait tweeted by Demi
You guys, we finally have proof that Demi Moore reads The Stir! Yesterday we gave Demi some very sound advice: She needs to dump the @MrsKutcher Twitter handle. And lo, later that night Demi tweeted, "Time for a change, twitter name change... any suggestions?"

Yes, we haz suggestions for the ex-Mrs. Kutcher! "How about mrsmorgan?" Piers Morgan wishfully suggested. "I think that one is taken," Demi replied. "Debbie or Jules," Rob Lowe threw out -- a nod to Demi's roles in About Last Night and St. Elmo's Fire, respectively. She starred with Rob in both, awww!

Well we have a few ideas for Demi's next Twitter handle, too.


MsMoore The obvious, but it bears repeating.

DemiIsDoingBetter As a favor to her publicist, who is probably tired of saying this over and over again.

MsGuynes Her original last name, before she married musician Freddy Moore.

QueenMoore A play on Queen Noor of Jordan, get it? (Crickets.)

AshtonKicker Actually, that's a terrible idea but I think it would be hilarious for a day or two.

XKutcher Just to drive the point home. But why dwell on the negative?

KabbalahGal For her spiritual side.

RoswellAlien Did you know Demi was born in Roswell, New Mexico?

HowdyHailey Demi owns a house in Hailey, Idaho, outside of Sun Valley.

DollFanatic2 Because Demi is a Candy Spelling-level doll collector.

GIJane Perfect, right? Until you think of all the women in the military who have a more legit claim on that one. Never mind.

MadisonLee One of the all-time great villainess roles. Remember, from Charlie's Angels?

Almost50Bitchz Because she is.

DoesItReallyMatter Which is what she said when she first responded to the public demand that she change her Twitter handle.

DemiMoore This one is my favorite.

What do you think Demi should use as her new Twitter handle?


Image via @mrskutcher/Twitter

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