Gmail Outage Is the End of the Web as We Know It

woman working on computerEver since I started using it, and to this day, I've felt like Gmail is wonderful, magical, useful, intuitive ... In short, it's basically the best email service I've ever used. Most people who have made the switch from AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. would agree. Not to mention how, for most people, AIM is a thing of the past, because we all use Gchat for our "off-record," real time correspondence these days. The best part of it all is that you can rely on Gmail. It really never glitches out. Oh, wait. That's not true.

Yesterday, a Gmail outage lasted for over an hour and affected "less than 10 percent" of Gmail's user base, or approximately 33.2 million people! That's the official word from Google, but I wouldn't be surprised if the actual number of people affected was higher. I experienced the outage for at least 45 minutes. Definitely a pain, especially when you're trying to use all the other integrated services -- like Google Calendar, Docs, etc.


Worse yet -- the outage appeared to have lingering effects! Google posted at around 9:45 p.m. EST last night:

While we have resolved this issue with Google Mail, it's possible that some users may experience message delays because affected accounts weren't available to receive messages. The messages will be successfully delivered after account access is restored.

Oh. Fantastic. That's just great. Seriously, you come to rely on Gmail as your be all and end all source of all in and outgoing messages, and now, this! Who knows if my incredibly important, highly time sensitive messages were delivered or received? Could be lost in cyberspace for all Google knows! Pfft!

Okay, so I'm not really that upset over it. It was only a temporary glitch, after all. But you have to admit, if you were affected -- it's still frustrating as hell to be locked out of your Gmail account. Sure these kinds of things are bound to happen from time to time, but Google's gotten so popular by being so reliable. Just hope this isn't a sign that they're slipping! 

Were you affected by the Gmail outage?

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