Jessica Dorrell Didn’t Get Paid Enough for Sleeping With Old Man Petrino

bobby petrinoAfter her scandalous affair with (former) University of Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino, Jessica Dorrell lost her sugar daddy, her fiance, and also her dignity. But it turns out those were the least of her problems, because she can also kiss any sort of career she had in college athletics goodbye too. (Sure hope her "ride" with the old man was worth it.)

Jessica has officially resigned from her job as student-athlete development coordinator for the Razorbacks -- and she accepted a payout of $14,000 "to settle all matters between the parties." Wow. I could spend $14,000 in a matter of 60 seconds. Why on earth didn't she hold out for a bit more cash? Most gals would expect a bigger sum for getting down and dirty with an old dude like Bobby.


The only possible reason why she would be willing to take such a small amount for her "trouble" is either because she's so totally mortified by the scandal that she wants to disappear as quickly as possible, or she actually had real, genuine feelings for Bobby Petrino. Taking the money and running, so to speak, may prove that she was just as willing a participant in the affair as he was. (OMG. She was actually into him. Ew.)

Jessica must really want to crawl into a hole right about now, because there's no way any other college football program in America is going to hire her after what went down with Petrino. Why in the world would any other university take the chance of having her around to entice their coaches or possibly even their players? Now that this case has become so public, I wouldn't be surprised if being incredibly unattractive is now a prerequiste for any females looking to be hired by college athletic departments across the country.

But at only 25 years old, she definitely has time to redeem herself and make a fresh start. However, she may want to change her hair color, her name, and give up on the idea of working anywhere near a sports field ever again before sending out job applications.

Do you think Jessica Dorrell deserves a second chance at her college sports career?


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