Tim Thomas Shouldn't Be Forced to Look at Obama's Cardboard Face (VIDEO)

tim thomasBoston Bruins player Tim Thomas got an unwelcome surprise while playing against the Washington Capitals at the Verizon Center on Monday night. While he was going about his game and moving his way across the ice, he looked up into the stands and saw fans donning Obama masks, and holding up huge cardboard cut-outs of the President's face. (Scary!)

Fans decided to overload Thomas with visions of Obama as a result of his refusal to go meet the Pres at the White House when he invited the Bruins there for winning the Stanley Cup in January. Of course, Thomas drew tons of criticism for his bold move, even though he's a grown man and a citizen of the United States who has the right to refuse to see the President if he so chooses. But everybody has to like Barack Obama, you know -- because he's so trendy and all. (Exercising freedom of speech was only a valid excuse while Bush was President, I guess.)


I have to admit -- the Obama stuff at the Bruins game was pretty funny, simply because it's hard not to laugh at cardboard cut-outs that make his face look way bigger than it is. I'd have a hard time not giggling at a big old Obama head if someone popped up in front of me holding one.

But honestly, even if this was nothing more than a little bit of harmless fun in the stands, Tim Thomas shouldn't have been forced to look at Barack Obama's face, even if it was made out of cardboard. He obviously doesn't like the guy (which isn't a crime the last time I checked), and he didn't do anything wrong by refusing to visit the White House last January either. Why can't people just accept the fact that everyone has different opinions about our current President, and it's ok if some of them aren't exactly favorable?

Hmm. Something tells me things are going to be a whole lot different when hockey season rolls around in 2013. If I had to guess, I'd say the joke will be back on the Obama fans -- not Tim Thomas. I wonder if he has a Mitt Romney mask at home?

Take a look at the video clip below to hear more about Tim snubbing the White House in January.

Do you think Tim was being disrespectful by choosing not to visit the White House?


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