New York Yankees Fans Hate Pregnant Women

Yankees Red Sox pregnant women adThere's something special about the rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Both cities pull out all the stops to hype up the loyalty to their respective teams. But some folks think a new ad in a New York City subway went just a tad too far.

It reads: "Always offer your seat to a pregnant woman. Unless she's wearing a Red Sox hat."

Before you start forming your own opinion about this one, you might want some context in terms of how insane things get with these two teams. They've hated each other for over 100 years -- and I'm not even exaggerating. It's one of the best, most classic rivalries in all of professional sports; if you're not a Yankees or Red Sox fan, you simply don't understand.

On the other hand, bringing pregnant women into this whole mix is seen by many as entirely and wholly unnecessary!


The ad's actually from a sports radio station, WFAN, featuring Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton. So it's not like the Yankees themselves had it made (though I'm sure they don't mind it at all). I'm not offended by the ad, but then again, I'm not a pregnant Red Sox fan. Perhaps if I were, I'd call out the Yankees and their city as classless and hitting below the belt and trying to create hype over a rivalry that's already heated enough.

And I'd hope that just because someone sees this, it doesn't mean they actually wouldn't give up their seat for a pregnant woman even if she were donning a Red Sox cap! Though, from the stories a pregnant coworker of mine has been telling me, people don't get up for preggos regardless of what they're wearing. Now that's just rude.

But back to the ad: It's a joke, albeit a tasteless one, and I do wonder how non-sports fans view it. You know, those folks who just don't understand how extreme (and perhaps, one could argue, pointless) feelings of antagonism toward another team can get.

As a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, of course I'd give up my seat for a pregnant woman even if she were wearing a Baltimore Ravens jersey -- I try to be a decent human being, well, most of the time. But I'd probably still shoot her a glare or two. It's how sports fans are. We're crazy. And I could see how anyone not wholly invested in their team might find that kind of behavior, or an ad like this one, completely offensive and ridiculous.

So let's just hope any pregnant Red Sox fans ride on a train full of Mets fans instead.

Do you think this ad crossed a line? Should the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry stay away from pregnant women?


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