Demi Moore Refuses to Dump ‘Mrs. Kutcher’

Demi Moore
Demi Moore
Demi Moore, once avid Tweeter, is back on the social networking site after a three-month hiatus. Moore tweeted a photo of herself, lying on a bed, clad in dark clothes and glasses, along with the message: "Testing..." But that's not the news-worthy part. The news-worthy part is that her Twitter handle is still @MrsKutcher.

I realize that Demi's got bigger fish to fry right now, but dude, change the name already; it takes two seconds -- which is probably less time than it took to tweet that photo. Rid yo'self of that man-child, once and for all, Demi! Rid yo'self!


Facebook and Twitter and Foursquare and whatever are part of our culture now. And I don't just mean it's part of our culture in the sense that we all use it all the time; it's part of our culture in the sense that when you go through a major life change -- be it a divorce, a marriage, a new job, a move -- you need to "update" your info. It almost makes everything all the more official. It's usually the last step in a series of steps you've already taken. It's like the denouement of the change, the sealing of the deal. And it's not something that's usually done flippantly -- because you know it's going to garner comments from people.

I feel ridiculous even writing this, but after I got engaged, it actually took a while for me to "change my relationship status." It seemed like an odd way to inform people who I was friendly with, but not super close with of such info. Same went for when I moved from Los Angeles to New York. It was months before I changed my "current location." I'm not even sure why. I think partly because I wasn't ready to accept the change myself, partly because, well, I didn't want to incite questions out of people.

So, I get it. Changing your info online is hard. But it's been three months, Demi. I know it's not really my business, but I think you oughta change your Twitter account name. You're way better than Mrs. Kutcher. You're Ms. Moore. 

Do you find it hard to change your info online or do you just fire away like it ain't no thang?


Image via Demi Moore/Twitter

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