Jason Segel's iPhone Shows How He Really Feels About Michelle Williams (PHOTO)

Jason Segel's phone with Michelle williamsJason Segel and Michelle Williams are just so darn cute, it's a bit nauseating. But then you remember what Michelle's been through and take one look at Jason holding hands with little Matilda, and it's not so bad. In fact, I'm rooting for them to make it as a couple. I mean, not that they're confirmed as a couple yet, but Segel's iPhone is proof enough for me. 

The Five Year Engagement star appeared on Leno last night and his smartphone was caught on camera. Clear as day, taped to the back cover were photo-booth pics of Michelle and the words "I love you." Awwww! He sure as heck can't hide now. Then again, maybe he doesn't want to! Look at how he's holding that phone for the cameras to see! And featuring your S.O. on your iPhone is a bold move -- one you only make if you want to declare your love, loud and proud.


After all, in our Facebook profile-obsessed world, our gadgets are how we express ourselves and communicate to the rest of the world how we self-identify. Honestly, I can't help but glimpse at someone's iPhone cover and not draw instant conclusions about what they must be like. RPatz? Total Twi-Hard. Leopard print? Wild child. Kate Spade? Princess, clearly.

The same theory applies to what's going on inside the phone -- meaning your lockscreen wallpaper or background. I just recently, not so sneakily, changed my fiance's lockscreen wallpaper to a cute pic of us. And mine's a somewhat mushy one of us (also via a photo booth!), which I figure is okay, it's semi-private ... semi-self-expressive, if you will.

Also, let's be real. Our smartphones are attached to our hands and faces more hours than we'd like to admit. Why shouldn't they sport the smiling face of the person we love? I'm sure that's what Jason had in mind when he tacked Michelle's adorable pic on the back of his phone ... (or she did!). Just hope they know, though ... once you "come out" via iPhone, you're out for good. 

Do you have a photo of your S.O. on your lockscreen or case?

Image via Rachid Ait/Bruja, PacificCoastNews.com

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