6 Embarrassing Things I've Googled as a Mom-to-Be (VIDEOS)

googleIf my due date is right, I'm 11 days away from giving birth, so you best believe there's a whole lotta Googling going on up in my house as of late. Just last night, my husband and I parked ourselves in front of the ol' laptop for about an hour to watch video after video on things we should, you know, know about having a child. It was highly informative and managed to quell my anxiety slightly. It also made me think: How the hell would I get through the first few months of motherhood -- or pregnancy for that matter -- without the Internet? I mean, I guess I'd manage, people did it for years, but it must have been a lot harder. How-to videos are everything to me right now.

So, in the spirit of sharing, here are six things I've (embarrassingly) Googled/YouTubed recently. They may seem silly, but they've really helped this mama-to-be out.


Videos on installing a car seat. Actually, this was more for my husband. He watched the video while I hovered. I'm sure I was being super helpful.

Videos on putting your newborn into said car seat. After the car seat was installed, it dawned on me: Oh yeah, there's probably a few things I should know about putting my little girl into the car seat to ensure the utmost safety. So, I Googled! Lo and behold ...

Videos on how to soothe a crying baby. One of my biggest fears is having a baby who will not stop crying. Like, ever. I've read my fair share of books that talk about this/give suggestions on how to stop it, but still, it's nice to hear other opinions and actually see a baby being soothed.

Videos on swaddling your baby. Yep, I practiced on a doll and got a tutorial from a friend, but it's nice knowing that, should I forget, a how-to video is just a click away.

Videos on changing diapers. Okay, so, confession here. Don't judge. I've never changed a diaper in my life. I know, it's insane, and every time I tell someone this, they look at me as if I'm giving birth right then and there in front of them. I never babysat! And I don't have lots of younger relatives. Whatever. I think I have a pretty good idea after watching a few videos.

Videos on breastfeeding. This is probably the thing I'm most nervous about, so I really can't get enough on this subject -- classes, books, websites, and of course, how-to videos are where it's at for me.

What did you Google/YouTube while you were pregnant/after you gave birth?

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