Tim Tebow Booed at Yankees Game for All or None of These Reasons (VIDEO)

Tim TebowOh, Tim Tebow, welcome to New York! Tim attended the Yankees vs. Los Angeles Angels game at Yankees Stadium Sunday night, and when he was featured up on the big screen, there were a few cheers, but most predominant of all were the boos.

And the poor guy was even wearing a New York Yankees hat!

I mean, maybe it was because Tebow was sitting next to Dwyane Wade, a star player for the Miami Heat, who beat up on the New York Knicks earlier that day. But once Wade held up his Yankees hat (he was shown on the big screen before Tebow), the audience started cheering after initially booing him. So, yes, the booing was for Tebow and Tebow alone.

Oh boy. Clearly Tebow has a lot of winning over to do in the city of New York. Considering there are lots of politics involved in the seemingly insane world of New York sports, there may be a few explanations why Tebow hasn't been very welcomed in the Big Apple.


There's no doubt that wherever Tebow goes, a media circus is sure to follow. It seems most people either love him or hate him, and when it comes to a crazy sports market like NYC, perhaps the fans there were simply saying: You're not gonna be welcome here with open arms quite yet until you start winning us some games.

ESPN's experts even noted that most Yankees fans are Giants fans, and most Mets fans are Jets fans. That could explain perhaps a little part of it, as Giants fans are now completely head-over-heels for Eli Manning ever since their team won a second Super Bowl. Perhaps they feel that Tebow is way too overhyped in comparison to a proven, skilled quarterback like Eli.

Or maybe there just happened to be quite a few atheists in attendance that night. No doubt that New York City is quite a liberal one, and the audience there simply doesn't like Tebow's politics.

Regardless, the only way to win New York fans over is to start winning. Talk about a lot of pressure to put on a backup quarterback. I think this is just the start of Tebow Mania, and all eyes will be on him when the Jets take the field this fall. I, for one, can't wait!

Here's ESPN's "First Take" discussing the booing Yankee fans:

What do you think about Tim Tebow getting booed at Yankees Stadium ... while wearing a Yankees hat?

Image via Craig O'Neal/Wikimedia

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