Watch Shea Weber's Hockey Head Crack Heard 'Round the World (VIDEO)

Shea WeberThere's always a fine line in sports in terms of what is and isn't okay when it comes to violence. What makes a hit legal vs. illegal? Especially in a sport that is violent by nature? These are the kinds of questions asked when you see what Shea Weber did to Henrik Zetterberg. When the Detriot Red Wings took on the Nashville Predators on Thursday in Game 1 of their playoff series, Weber grabbed Zetterberg's head and pounded it into the glass so hard, his helmet cracked into two pieces!

Jeez, I mean, we all know hockey can get violent, but to deliberately grab a man's head and proceed to try to smash it through a wall during the middle of a game? Seems like Weber crossed that line with this hit, and of course the cameras caught the entire incident. You gotta see it to believe it.


Check out the hit:

I mean, to me, clearly there was an intent to injure the other player, considering that Zetterberg's helmet literally cracked in two! There has to be some major force behind that hit. Thank goodness Zetterberg is okay and the helmet did its job.

Weber didn't even get suspended for this, he was just fined $2,500. And he makes a $7.5 million salary, so $2,500 to him is basically like $5 to me. I guess the NHL took into consideration the fact that Zetterberg was fine, but still! You just don't do that!

With so much coming out about the dangers of head injuries to professional athletes, you'd think that the league would want to take more of a stand instead of, hey, this time he's fine, so we'll let this one slide. No harm, no foul. These leagues need to do a better job at protecting the players, and the way the NHL reacted to this hit is quite a blow to their progress.

Do you think Weber should have been punished more? Should these types of hits be illegal?


Image via msolb832/YouTube

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