Naked Bobby Petrino Photos Will Make This Scandal Everyone's Worst Nightmare (VIDEO)

bobby petrinoThe Bobby Petrino scandal sure ain't goin' away anytime soon, and unfortunately, we may wind up seeing more of him than we ever wanted or expected to. Because according to radio host Clay Travis, photos of Bobby in the buff may actually exist. As in photos of him naked. Pardon me for a second -- I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Wait -- it gets worse. Clay Travis tweeted that Bobby "Favred himself" by taking pictures of his oh-so-attractive naked bod, and sent them to Jessica Dorrell via text message. OMG. Please, please, please tell me that she wasn't actually turned on by seeing a 51-year-old man naked! Because the picture in my head of what I assume the alleged photos look like is enough to scar me for life. What kind of crazy chick would find that kind of image appealing?! (So gross!)


Clay Travis just went on the Dan Patrick Show and gave a radio interview about the craziest part of this whole story, which is how stupid Bobby Petrino was when he took the alleged photos. He supposedly took them using a university issued cellphone. And whatever is on that phone is subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, because Petrino was a public employee. And now the AP has gotten a hold of the texts containing the pics. What a bummer for Bobby.

Had he been smart enough to use his own, personal cellphone, he wouldn't have to worry about any messages or illicit pictures surfacing. But since he rolled the dice and took his chances with his university phone, he's probably burying his head in the sand today worrying about what might come out.

Travis explained that if the photos do indeed exist, whether or not they come out depends on two things. First, it will depend on how long the University of Arkansas kept the messages in their system database. Bobby can only hope and pray that they've already disappeared. But his bigger concern should be with whether or not Jessica Dorrell saved the messages and photos on her cellphone to use as evidence down the road. If there are photos, and she did save them, then his "junk" may eventually be out there for the world to see. And that's a gut-wrenching thought for everyone involved, especially the eyes of the general public.

Check out the video clip below to hear more about Bobby Petrino getting fired.

Do you think Jessica Dorrell was truly attracted to Bobby Petrino -- or was just she after his money?


Image via Kevin C. Cox/Getty

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