Zombie Map of the Dead Helps You Prepare for the Apocalypse

You've watched The Walking Dead, you've read The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead, and you're more excited about the pandemic scenes in World War Z than the fact that Brad Pitt is in it. Now, my undead-loving friend, it's time to take things to a new level—with the surprisingly handy Map of the Dead website.

In order to survive the inevitable plague of flesh-eating corpses, you need to be prepared. You'll need a survival stash on hand, but once you run out of food, medicine, and ammunition . . . well, you know who else ran out of critical supplies during a bad situation? The Donner Party, that's who. JUST SAYING.


Thankfully, the Map of the Dead is here to help you get ready for the end of times. It's a fairly simple idea—overlaying certain criteria on a Google Map—but the results are quite useful: The map allows you to find places near you that are likely to have resources to help you avoid becoming zombie chow. Alternately, you can view places that you should probably stay the hell away from (graveyards, for instance).

Type in your location of choice, and the Map of the Dead zooms to show you what's nearby. Want to plot your shortest route to a grocery store for those increasingly valuable non-perishable goods? Or a gas station for refueling your generator? Or hey, how about a gun store for stocking up on bullets? The Map of the Dead shows all of these locations and more, highlighted on your map alongside red "danger zones" where zombies are likely to be piling up.

Here's a look at my neighborhood, as displayed by the Map of the Dead:

Unfortunately, I live smack dab in the middle of Zombie City, as denoted by the veritable sea of red surrounding my home, but the good news is that suburbia is chock full of potential resources. Who knew I had FIVE gun shops so close by?

While you're using the map to scope out the nearest military bases, radio towers, pharmacies, and outdoor stores, you may wonder what the point is—after all, once civilization collapses, it's not terribly likely that we'll all have Internet access. Never fear! There's a handy print function so you can create as many hard copies as you like. Store them somewhere safe, fellow survivor, and I'll see you on the flip side. *salutes*

What does your neighborhood look like through the Map of the Dead?

Images via Map of the Dead

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