New Bobby Petrino Scandal Details Expose a Crazy, Lovesick 'Teenager' (VIDEO)

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To say that Bobby Petrino probably wants to hide in a deep, dark cave and never come out again after being fired as coach of the University of Arkansas football team sounds like a pretty safe assumption. I mean, losing his job was bad enough -- but being publicly humiliated after having a scandalous affair with 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell really rubbed salt into the wound.

Not only did Petrino fail to disclose his relationship with Dorrell before she was hired as Student Athlete Development Coordinator, he also forgot to mention that at some point during their "courtship," he'd also given her a nice little present in the sum of $20,000 cash. Oh yeah, and then there were the thousands of text messages that were sent between the two. Yes -- thousands. Who knew a 51-year-old could text just as well as a teenager?


And speaking of teenagers, as more and more details of Bobby and Jessica's affair come out, it's becoming obvious that he was having some sort of mid-life crisis and totally lost his mind and acted like a high-schooler instead of a football coach with nearly 30-years of professional experience.

Because that's pretty much the only conceivable explanation for why he would put his career on the line the way he did. He forgot he was actually a grown man with a family and a job, and decided to take on the role of a lovesick teenager. And it's not like he and Jessica were hiding under the covers with their phones late at night sending messages back and forth (though that probably went on too.) Records show that texts were also sent on game days -- and there is indication that some included photos and videos. Gee -- do you think he was a little bit distracted while he was on the field?

And given the fact that Petrino and Dorrell both worked for the Razorbacks, how in the world did the other people involved with the football team fail to notice that something was going on between them? If both of their phones were beeping like crazy with incoming messages, you'd think that somebody would've caught on at one point or another.

This story keeps getting juicier and juicier by the day -- and something tells me we haven't yet heard the last of the details of Bobby and Jessica's affair.

Check out the video clip below to hear more about how Bobby Petrino got himself fired.

Do you think Bobby will ever have a career in coaching again?


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