Jalen Rose Slams Skip Bayless on Air in Sports TV Gold (VIDEO)

Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless
After hearing this crazy sports story, I'm really glad I don't work on live TV! One moment things could be going smoothly, the next your most embarrassing moment is up on the Internet to be played over and over and over again. Skip Bayless knows what I'm talking about. He's a sports journalist who regularly appears on ESPN's "First Take" ... and he got schooled on live TV in the worst way possible.

During a debate about the NBA MVP race, Bayless got called out by Jalen Rose, a retired basketball player, for lying about his high school basketball career. And it was very much deserved. And so awkward yet absolutely hilarious to watch.


For some background, Bayless had tweeted that Oklahoma City Thunder wouldn't fare well if Russell Westbrook didn't score more. He then added two more tweets about his own high school basketball career, claiming that he started for the team that lost in the state finals in 1970 ... and then he even compared himself to NBA star "Pistol Pete" Maravich.

Sigh, how stupid can Bayless get? The Lost Ogle came to discover that he played on the Junior Varsity team in his junior year; then he averaged a measly 1.4 points per game during his senior season. Sports By Brooks then came out and said that there were no statistics -- at all -- from Bayless in that final state loss.

Watching Bayless get called out for being a tool is priceless:

I mean, seriously, that's what you get for trying to make yourself look badass -- when you're not! You can see how obnoxious he is after just three minutes of watching him. For anyone who's been following Bayless, you know he definitely had it coming. He's made his career out of telling athletes what they've done wrong in their careers, and now he gets a taste of his own medicine.

Sigh. It's one thing for public figures to be dumb on Twitter -- it's another to blatantly lie about how cool or talented you are! At least someone called him out this time.

Can you believe Skip Bayless lied so blatantly about his high school basketball career? Are you glad Jalen Rose set him straight?


Image via Jeff Kern/Flickr

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